Our diving and snorkeling prices in Koh Lanta

Our diving prices in Koh Lanta

All our prices, for diving or snorkeling in Koh Lanta, are in Thai baht.

Means of payment accepted

We accept payment in cash (baht only), by PayPal, by bank transfer and by credit card.

What is included during our diving / snorkeling trips
  • Transfer from/to your hotel at the port
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks served on board the boat
  • All necessary diving/snorkeling equipment
  • Diving guide
What is not included on our diving / snorkeling trips
Our prices for diving trips

Diving at a remote (non-local) site is subject to additional charges (long distance charges) depending on the dive sites visited

Our prices for snorkeling trips

Snorkeling at a remote (non-local) site is subject to additional charges (long distance charges) depending on the sites visited

Your private Diving and Snorkeling Trip in Koh Lanta by private boat

activity in koh lanta

To do scuba diving or snorkeling with your family, from a private boat, just for you, is possible and advantageous. Indeed, the activity in Koh Lanta, by private boat, will often be more advantageous for a family or a group of 4 or more people.
In other words, send us a first contact for your private diving or snorkeling trip in Koh Lanta, and we will send you more information.

The DANShort-term” insurance is not compulsory and is valid for all certified divers, divers in training, snorkelers, freedivers and freedivers in training between the ages of 8 and 75. It is only valid in the country in which you contracted it. i.e., for us, in Thailand.

10 $

1 day coverage
350 THB

20 $

2 days coverage
700 THB

30 $

3 to 5 days coverage
1050 THB

40 $

6 to 10 days coverage
1350 THB

50 $

11 to 30 days coverage
1700 THB

This insurance covers the following items up to the amount indicated (in US dollars and Thai baths)


Contact us

If you have any questions about the prices of diving or snorkeling at Apo Dhatu Divers in Koh Lanta Thailand or would like to have a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

Especially since a first contact or a request for registration does not commit you to anything.