What to do in Koh Lanta ?

Koh Lanta and its dives, for example, are among the jewels of southern Thailand.
Paradise island with its fine sandy beaches, it offers different faces to those who take the trouble to visit it.

The national park of Mu Koh Lanta

Le parc national de Mu Koh Lanta est un incontournable des choses à faire à Koh Lanta.

Pour se rendre au parc national, qui est situé à la pointe sud de l’île, il vaut mieux louer un scooter. L’entrée est de 200 bath + 20 bath pour le parking pour le scooter et 30 bath pour la voiture.

Vous pourrez vous promener tranquillement et voir la plage aux rochers, pour ensuite, monter jusqu’au phare pour y admirer les 2 baies.
Ensuite, un petit sentier balisé vous permet de faire une mini randonnée de moins de 2 km dans la jungle pour y apercevoir des singes, des arbres magnifiques, y entendre des cris d’oiseaux et quelques autres animaux de la région.

Old Town - The very first village of Koh Lanta

Old Town est le plus ancien village de Koh Lanta. Situé sur la partie Est de l’île, ce village à beaucoup de charme et a une architecture assez atypique du reste de la Thaïlande. Ses maisons en bois sur pilotis, offrent également des paysages magnifiques sur les îles avoisinantes et sont parfaites pour y déguster des plats typiques ou juste boire un verre.
Les boutiques de “Old Town” elles aussi sont très charmantes et valent la peine d’être visitées. Le soir, il n’est pas rare d’avoir une ambiance musicale et live sur les terrasses de bars donnant sur la route.
Encore une chose à faire à Koh Lanta qui est, selon moi, indispensable.

Bask on the beaches of Koh Lanta

The island of Koh Lanta is full of beaches, each more beautiful than the other.
Mainly located on the western part of the island, the islands each have their own charms and atmospheres.
Basking in the sun is one of the things to do absolutely in Koh Lanta.

Voici les principales plages de l’île :

  • Klong Dao
    Located further north of the island, it is popular and very pleasant for swimming for children because there is little bottom. It is therefore also conducive to beautiful walks. Lined with many bars/restaurants, hotels and massage parlors, it offers many choices for relaxing.
  • Long Beach / Phra Ae
    Beautiful beach of fine sand over 3 km long. It offers evening entertainment or more intimate atmospheres on its southern part. There are also hotels, bars/restaurants along the beach.
  • Relax Beach
    Beautiful little beach with simple and relaxed looks, offers incredible charm and tranquility. Ideal for a massage or a drink at sunset. Swimming is ideal for children because there is little depth.
  • Klong Kong Beach
    Beautiful large beach where it is, however, more difficult to swim because of its underwater rocks. It offers many different atmospheres thanks to its bars and restaurants of all kinds. Very lively at night and popular with partygoers, it also offers “chill” bars to listen to live music.
  • Klong Toab
    Small quiet beach with its unique bar/restaurant. Another beautiful place to be quiet and watch the sea as far as the eye can see. Bordered by a few rocks, it offers a magnificent panorama. Swimming can also be practiced there.
  • Klong Nin Beach
    Located halfway between the north and the south of the island, it offers a large area of fine sand. Swimming is very pleasant with more depth.
    Rather relaxed and calm atmosphere compared to its northern sisters. Intended rather for those who are looking for more tranquility.
  • Khantiang Beach / Nui Beach (Diamond Cliff)
    Small cove with a heavenly look, bordered by a few rocks. This pretty little beach is especially overlooked by the “Diamond Cliff restaurant” offering a panoramic view of this cove and the Andaman Sea. In this place, the water is often crystal clear and without too many people, which makes it a rather quiet beach.
  • Klong Hin
    Large beach of fine sand that looks like a deserted beach. If you are looking for a “being lost on a desert island” atmosphere, this is the perfect place. On the other hand, 1 bar at each end of this range.
  • Kantiang Bay
    Another beautiful beach of fine sand where calm and tranquility reign supreme. If you are looking to party with the music on the corner, avoid this beach.
  • Nui Bay
    Undoubtedly the busiest of the small beaches in the south of Koh Lanta, it nevertheless offers clear and limpid water suitable for swimming. To reach it, you will have to go down on foot because it is not accessible by vehicle.
  • Klong Jark
    Beautiful beach again offering calm and tranquility. Lined with one or two hotels barely giving access to the beach. Thanks to its location in the very south of the island, it is frequented by travelers who want to stay calm.
  • Mai Phai / Bamboo Bay
    Last beach before the one inside Mu Koh Lanta National Park, also offers calm and tranquility. Bordered by a few rocks, it is however very passable for swimming.

The surrounding islands

You will find plenty of excursions to do from Koh Lanta and in particular the “4 islands”. Discover wild islands around Koh Lanta. Visit Koh Rock, perfect for snorkeling in a dream setting. Make “Emerald cave” to discover a fantastic place and totally cut off from the world. Visit the skull-shaped cave to combine small climbing and navigation. In other words, take day trips by “Longtail boat” (local boat) to have a good time, to learn and above all, to be amazed.

The Scuba Diving and the Snorkeling

Koh Lanta dive sites / PADI Diving / Scuba dive koh lanta / What to do koh lanta

Offering some sites that are part of the top 10 in the world, Koh Lanta remains nevertheless preserved from mass diving tourism. Its reefs are full of life and shimmering colors. Its clear and warm waters make it a paradise for divers.

With its protected sites which are part of 2 marine national parks, it is ideal for all levels of divers or snorkeling trips.

The Chao Lay people of Sang-ga-u (south of the island)

Originating from the Nicobar or Andaman islands, the sea gypsies of previous centuries lived on their boats and were feared like pirates. With the disappearance of the slow sailboats, the sea gypsies began to settle along the coast in their houses built on stilts, erected between the level of high tide and that of low tide. Today, most sea gypsies have been granted land, surnames and Thai citizenship.

Also called “Sea Gypsy”, these people living on the sea gradually began to settle along the shores in houses on stilts. They were, therefore, the first inhabitants of the island of Koh Lanta. People of fisherman, they live in the very south on the east side of the island, after the city of “Old Town”.
Typical village of sea gypsies, this picturesque stopover gives a good insight into the life of these people. In Thai, “Chao’Lay” means people of the sea.

Easily recognizable, they have striking darker skin, bushy eyebrows and curly hair.
As a matriarchal society, women wield a lot of power in daily village life. They work side by side in the fishing boats with the men.

The visit of Koh Lanta Noi by scooter

Koh Lanta is divided into 2 islands, Lanta Noi and Lanta Yai.
Lanta Yai is the biggest and is where everyone comes to have a good time. While Lanta Noi, discreet and wilder, offers lush nature and moments of sharing with the locals. Without a hotel and a few rather sober restaurants, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of southern Thailand.

North of Lanta Noi, just following the main road, is a small village from which excursions depart. Koh Talabeng and its skull-shaped cave in particular. This visit can be done by “Long tail boat” (traditional Thai boat) or by canoe-kayak, for the more adventurous.

The Lanta Noi mangrove is teeming with wildlife. One can observe there, therefore, in particular monkeys, birds and all kinds of animals.
Do not forget also its large beach, on which beautiful walks can be made especially at sunset. Not interesting for swimming, but very pretty for walking.

Khao Mai Keaw Cave

At the start of this beautiful walk, there is a point of sale for drinks for those who have forgotten to take some with them. This walk, in the middle of the jungle, is rather sporty and requires some effort and good hydration.
It takes about 30 to 40 minutes of walking, on a marked and sometimes steep and slippery path, to reach the entrance to the cave. Also have good shoes with you.

This cave offers a breathtaking atmosphere. It is big and wide but be careful, you must have a guide with you, because the cave is not made for everyone and can involve some risks if you are not guided by someone who knows the place. . Some narrow passages, wooden ladders and wearing a headlamp to venture there should give you the atmosphere that can reign there.

Tiger cave

This cave is on the way to Klong Jark Waterfall and is well worth visiting.
This cellar does not offer underground hiking and therefore accessible to everyone. It allows you to see in particular bats and a different architecture that detonates in this jungle.
Easy and quiet course although a little slippery in rainy weather, guides can be useful for the history of the places as well as the nature.

Klong Jark Waterfall

Depending mainly on rain, this waterfall offers a low flow of water in the dry season. However, it gives a beautiful walk of about 2 km in this jungle, without difficulty. You can either access it by a more or less well marked path, or take the bed of the river which, except at the beginning, gives the possibility of going up there.

Do not hesitate to climb above the waterfall to take a short bath in a natural and not deep tank. It is refreshing and very pleasant.

To access this ballad, you will have to exempt yourself from a brand new entrance tax, +/- 150 baht as well as 20 baht for parking. Feel free to discuss the admission price.

To do massage

If you do not know the massages practiced in Thailand, then this is one more reason to try and do yourself some good. Whether on the edge of a beach, with the sound of the sea in the background or in a massage parlour, it is an experience not to be missed.

Several types of massage are possible ranging from foot/head massage to Thai massage, including coconut oil massage, there will be something for everyone.

A massage can be done until late at night, without too much difficulty and massage parlors are legion and spread all over the island. Therefore, you will have no problem doing yourself good and no excuse not doing it.

For us, the best massage in Koh Lanta is Wan Massage in Saladan

Take a cooking class

Have a great time learning to cook some typical Thai dishes that you will eat yourself after you have made them. Some even take you to the local market to learn how to buy the necessary and important ingredients for the composition of your dishes.

Spread over the whole island, you will easily find a Thai cooking school. However, speaking the language of Shakespeare is required.


Rent a scooter and visit the island

In Koh Lanta, as in Thailand in general, it is easy to rent a scooter. This allows easy travel anywhere on the island.
Taking each small road, allows you to discover a different Koh Lanta of beaches and bars. The prominent nature on this island shows exceptional panoramas of beauty. Have no fear in your travels because it is very easy to orient yourself.

A road on the east side of the island, leading to “Old Town” and the village of the Chao Lay people of Sang-ga-u. A road on the west side of the island, serving all the beaches and giving access to the national park. 2 crossing roads making it easier to reach the East or West coast, these are the main routes of Koh Lanta Yai. All other roads or paths are either dead ends leading to the jungle or the beach, or join these roads.
So make the most of it and roam the island without fear.

Thung Yee Pheng Mangrove

By kayak or “Longtail Boat”, visiting the Thung Yee Pheng mangrove remains a moment of sharing between nature and you. Easy to get to, anyone can visit the canals by kayak and if paddling doesn’t appeal to you, then the “Longtail Boat” will be perfect for you.

Monkeys, birds and colorful crabs will be the main animal encounters but this walk remains above all a good time isolated from the world.

You can either sign up at multiple roadside agencies or go straight to the park. You will have to pay the entrance fee which amounts to 20 baht and the rental of the canoe-kayak or your “Longtail Boat” tour.
Taking a long concrete walkway, around 500 m, to take a short walk around the mangroves is also an option. Therefore, it will give you a little insight into the mangrove.