About us

If you want to know more about us, you are in the right place dear readers.

Camille Fleuret
Jean-Marc Frei

Our History


Having always loved being in the water since my youngest age, it was then that having practiced snorkeling in different parts of the globe, I had a click on my last trip to the edge of the Indian Ocean .
It was necessary that at my return in Switzerland, “I try myself to the diving.”

So I had my first experience in Geneva where I fell addicted to this hobby. I felt such a sensation of freedom and well-being, that I could not do without it. It was almost vital for me to be in immersion.
It is also true, that my monitor quickly passed on his passion.

I therefore, day after day, month after month, put all my savings aside for to devote myself to diving. It was like a drug, I could not do without it anymore. Gradually, I became a PADI instructor after only six years of immersion experience. Since then, teaching diving and sharing my passion is a real pleasure for me.

I can not wait to introduce you to the feeling of wholeness that I love so much and look forward to welcoming you to our diving center that we have created with Jean-Marc, my man.
I hope to make you feel what I felt in my early days.



After discovering diving in 1991, I did not want to stop diving any more. What I absolutely wanted is to dive !!! This universe gives me a well-being and brings me an important personal balance. To dive is to immerse oneself, literally and figuratively, in another world, which for me is magical.

Two years later, here I am Divemaster and my desire to dive has adapted to my desire to share my adventures. For almost 2 years, I helped the instructors and the people during their training, which developed my desire to teach scuba diving. This is where I made the decision to become an Instructor. That same year, together with my friends, I took over the ScubaLibre diving center in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, I have not stopped teaching this passion that is scuba diving.

After 27 years of practice including 23 as a diving instructor, I decided with Camille, my wife, to emigrate in 2018 to Koh Lanta, island that we had a lot of pleasure from a first stay in 2017, to to build our own dive center, the very one you are on at this moment.

It is with great pleasure that I continue my passion and it would be a privilege for me to be able to fill you during your dive stay with us.

Kind regards