Our courses

All our trainings going from beginner to professional are given in small group of 2 to 4 people maximum according to the level of formation chosen and in French or in English according to your desires. A small group is essential to the quality of teaching we want to put forward.

Our instructors are very experienced people and passionate about scuba diving. They will teach you the techniques that are essential to this recreational activity so that you can discover an unequaled world safely.

Patience, joviality and dedication are their main qualities.

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I'm starting to discover this magical world

The underwater world can be discovered in different ways. These trainings will allow you to explore this extraordinary world according to your desires and give you the tools to interact with him.

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I'm perfecting myself in this underwater world

You already have a diving license and would like to improve your diving skills?
Here is the list of our main training courses.

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I specialize

Scuba diving is a way to explore the underwater world in new and different ways. Our courses teach you new diving techniques and give you tools to take advantage of your exploration.
Here is the list of our specialty courses

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What is PADI

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest organization in scuba diving education in the world. Known and recognized internationally, she has developed a teaching with innovative tools to enable everyone to scuba dive.Our instructors, trained with this organization, are passionate people, patient, eager to share their knowledge and will be keen to make you progress in diving safely.PADI is also at the origin of Project AWARE Foundation whose mission is to raise awareness of the world to the protection of the underwater world.

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